Time is of the essence and we need EVERYONE to call/write our legislative leadership to increase child care funding! 

There is a budget resolution that will provide an additional $19 million in child care subsidies to help support child care programs pay for the increase in the minimum wage, set to go into effect on July 1st.

But before that money can be added to the budget, our leaders need to know that there is lots of support for it!  

VOLUME MATTERS! Every call/email is important.  Please do not wait. Call Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Coughlin TODAY! 

Below is their contact information and what you can say in your call or email. If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Rice at or at 973-643-3876.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Phone: 856-251-9801 or 856-339-0808

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin
Phone: 732-855-7441


My name is _________________________ and I live in (Name of Town). I am reaching out to ask that you support the budget resolution that will provide an additional $19 million to the child care subsidy system. We support the minimum wage increase, but unless the child care subsidy rate is also increased, programs that care for children whose families are eligible for a subsidy will be greatly affected. Please show your commitment to families by taking action to increase state child care subsidy investments. Families rely on these programs and we all need the state to support this important work so that children can be in safe and nurturing environments and parents can go to work. Thank you.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey | 35 Halsey Street Newark , New Jersey 07102

Questions? Email us at or call us at  (973) 643-3876.

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