Be a part of the solution - learn about systemic racism in the child welfare system and how we can dismantle it

Fellow Advocate,

The NJ Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect and the NJ Department of Children and Families (NJDCF) have partnered with the Child Welfare Education Institute at Stockton University to hold a series of Conversations about Race and Racism in Child Welfare. Through these conversations, attendees are learning about the history of race and racism in New Jersey and gaining a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of racial disparities in child welfare settings. This will allow us to take steps to correct the institutional and implicit biases that can result in disparate outcomes for families of color within New Jersey’s child welfare system.

The last webinar, "How Can We Respond?", on Friday, October 30th, 10AM - 12PM, will address racial disparities in New Jersey and the response to these disparities by the NJDCF. The featured panelist, Dr. Carol Spigner, Associate Professor Emerita, University of Pennsylvania, is assisting the NJDCF staff to develop and implement a race equity strategy to address racial disparities in the child welfare system. Though conversations are open to the public, talks are geared towards child protection professionals, medical professionals, education professionals and community providers. Eligible participants can receive 2.0 Cultural Competency Hours of Continuing Education (CE). You can still register until Wednesday, October 28th.

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