Unlike many developed nations, the U.S. does not fund child care as a public good. Instead, families are forced to grapple with the high cost of care as providers struggle to operate on razor-thin margins. It shouldn't be that way. It's time New Jersey reimagines a child care system that benefits us all.

Join us on June 9th for our fourth annual Strolling Thunder NJ virtual event as parents across the state dive into breakout rooms and develop solutions to strengthen supports for families. This Friday, May 21st, is the deadline to register if you would like to receive a Swag Bag in the mail! If you've already registered, we ask that you forward this email to three people in your network and ask them to register for Strolling Thunder!

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Parent Advocate Jackie Boyett Shares Her Child Care Story

It takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when that village isn't close by? Jackie speaks about her child care struggle and why she's advocating for families across the state at Strolling Thunder. 

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