Good news for children and their families in NJ FY2020 budget.

Good news! On June 30th, Governor Murphy signed into law the 2020 budget that included $9 million in increased child care funds, so providers can continue to care for children from low-income families, despite increases to the minimum wage. Last May, ACNJ highlighted this funding crisis with a news conference and petition collecting more than 1,100 signatures. Our hard work paid off! The Governor and Legislature has increased funds for human services workers across the board to offset the rising minimum wage. Read more on NJ Spotlight.

The 2020 budget also includes:

  • $68 million to expand preschool to additional districts, support existing preschool programs and assist in wraparound services
  • $9 million for state and local census outreach

Congratulations to all those who took action for children and families! These additional dollars would not have been available without your hard work as advocates! Now let's thank Governor Murphy for helping support programs that make a difference in the lives of children and families.  PLEASE, call or email the Governor today!

Click here to send Governor Murphy a message now or call his office at 609-292-6000.


“My name is ______________ and I am from (Name of Town). I am calling to thank Governor Murphy for making children and families a higher priority by including increased funds for child care, preschool and the 2020 Census in New Jersey’s 2020 state budget. These are important issues to me and I hope that he will continue to support these issues in the future. Thank you.”

As we have said many, many times, VOLUME MATTERS and every call/email is important!  Please do not wait and do it today! If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Rice at or at 973-643-3876.                                                                                 


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